Russ Floats Through Space In “Cherry Hill” Video


Independent artist Russ is enjoying the platinum status of his latest project,  There’s Really a Wolf. Riding the success of TRAW, the Atlanta-bred recently unveiled the music video for “Cherry Hill.”

The new video finds Russ in a passionate romance in another universe. The video could be looked at as a metaphor to the feeling of being in love: Russ and his significant other are floating through space.

“Feelin’ lonely in this room since I was 17/Thought this bottle was supposed to drown my memory/But I’m still swimmin’ in your vision and it’s temptin’ me/But next time that I call I’m hopin’ that you answer me,” raps Russ.

Russ’ self-made mindset is nothing short of inspiring. Recently, the “Alone” rapper sat with Billboard to discuss his appearance in Luc Belaire’s Latest ‘Self Made Tastes Better,’ where he discussed his journey through the music business.

“I love to sit down and have a conversation with like-minded people. I think talking things out is therapeutic. It’s very helpful for me to interact and touch people in a different way,” Russ said to Billboard.

He continues:

“I remember being in my dorm and literally being so amazed by the quality of the music that I was literally crying tears of joy,” the “What They Want” rapper recalls. “Right there in that moment, I knew I had to do this because I have to achieve this feeling for myself and I know I can do music.”

Watch the video above.

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