Russell Simmons Wants The Hip-Hop Community To Help Kanye West


Kanye West has been the topic of conversation since his return to Twitter nearly two weeks ago. Prior to his resurgence, West was rarely seen out for the past year. However, after a string of tweets that expressed his admiration of President Trump, an interview with Charlamagne Tha God discussing his mental breakdown, and a TMZ Live interview in which he called slavery a choice; many are wondering if the “old” Kanye is still around. Russell Simmons believes that instead of condemning Kanye, people need to show support.

On Wednesday (May 2), the 60-year-old posted a picture to Instagram that read, “Hip Hop: Kanye is suffering , he is unraveling in public. We have lost friends like Chris Lighty and other who have suffered in silence. Reach out to him, he is your brother.” Chris Lighty was an esteemed hip-hop music execute and manager who committed suicide back in 2012 who worked closely with artists like 50 cent, LL Cool J, and Diddy.

However, Simmons’ post didn’t stop. In the caption he called for an “intervention” for the rapper.

“Time for intervention. No more memes. He has made your hits and stood with us in the trenches,” read the post. He continued by saying that he and Ye occupied Wall Street together as well as worked on countless hip-hop summits. He also asked for Kanye to give him a call back so they can discuss the “50 relevant issues”.

Uncle Rush ended the post by saying he refuses to believe a black man who supported black empowerment now says “slavery was a choice” and believes Kanye is only saying this as he is not “operating with a healthy state of mind”.

Simmons himself has been in hot water amid allegations of rape by several young women. So far, 15 women in total have come forward to harass the mogul of sexual misconduct all the while he has fervently maintained his innocence claiming he would “never hurt anybody.” Most recently, he demanded a trial by jury.