San Francisco Man Kills Co-Worker’s Boyfriend Because He Wanted To Date Her


A San Francisco man is possibly facing life in prison or the death penalty for killing his co-worker’s boyfriend, The Washington Post reports. The suspect, Kevin Prasad, had a fatal crush on his co-worker at San Francisco International Airport. He allegedly asked her out several times and gifted her with jewelry.

She explained to him that she was in a relationship with her boyfriend, 31-year-old Mark Mangaccat and had a three-year-old son with him. The unnamed woman never thought much of Prasad’s advances and would dismiss them. She never felt threatened or scared of his approach, according to San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.

On Wednesday (April 25) she reportedly told Prasad that it would be her last day of work since she was moving to Las Vegas with her family. That night, Prasad followed Mangaccat to his home in Daly City where he shot and killed him. The 31-year-old suspect was accompanied by his friend, 25-year-old Donovan Matthew Rivera. Reportedly, the two drove eight miles following the victim who picked up his girlfriend from work to drop her off at home.

He was shot by Prasad about five or six times while still in the driver’s seat of his car as he was trying to back into their garage. The woman was uninjured, but at first, didn’t know Prasad was the killer since he was sporting a hoodie. Then it suddenly clicked that it could’ve been Prasad. “Wait, there’s a guy at work who’s been trying to date me,” she told police during an interview. Since then, Wagstaffe took that information and went with it. “I want to know everything from the day they started kindergarten,” he added.

Rivera is also being charged with murder and gun charges. Prasad faces additional charges of assault with a firearm and firing into an occupied vehicle.