Spotify May Add XXXTentacion’s Music Back To Playlists After Conduct Policy Backlash

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Spotify sparked outrage after they reportedly removed XXXTentacion and R. Kelly’s music from its playlists following numerous allegations of sexual misconduct and domestic abuse in. Despite the initial decision, the streaming service might be singing a different tune. After two weeks of its decision, Spotify is considering to restore XXXTentaccion’s music to its playlists, Bloomberg reports.

XXXTentacion’s music was originally removed as part of the company’s new hateful conduct policy, which was announced on May 10. X’s legal case in which he was charged with the aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation, false-imprisonment, and witness-tampering, reportedly let to the bold move.

While many praised the company for taking a stand against problematic and abusive artists, artist reps for A-list artists such as Kendrick Lamar contacted Spotify to express their frustrations with the new policy. Spotify employees also voiced their concerns with the new conduct policy. Many feared the company could lose ground to rival streaming platforms by not including certain artists.

XXXTentacion also spoke out about the policy, releasing a list of other artists accused of similar crimes and offenses in order to make a case for why his music should not have been removed. Spotify has not confirmed reports regarding adding XXX’s music back to playlists at this time.