Styles P Keeps It Gangsta In The “Heat Of The Night” Video


Styles P ninth studio album, G-Host is one of the hardest albums in the streets right now. This week, the Yonkers native released the project’s first music video, “Heat of the Night.”

Directed by Benji Films, the video is straightforward. Ghost and his comrades chill under NYC’s dark sky as Ghost spits crack for the camera.

“My gun burn niggas like the way y’all burn Cali weed/Or the way a fat burner burns calories/Fuck a treadmill my 9 mil’s the deadmill/You can fuck around and get your head spill (fuck around)/Or your guts dropped,” raps Styles P.

Just days before the release of G-Host, Pinero released hisĀ Nickel Bag EP. G-Host is a 16-song effort featuring Oswin Benjamin, Nino Man, Kody, among others. For production, Styles relies on Scram Jones, Vinny Idol, Poobs, and Divine Bars, and others.

Watch the video above.