‘Superfly’s New Trailer Is Dotted With Action, Suspense And Thrill

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In 1972, director Gordon Parks Jr. created a world of fantasy, drugs, and scandal with Superfly. The film is the quintessential drug-induced story about a notorious dealer attempting to leave the game behind. Priest’s (Ron O’Neal) mission was to make his last coke deal and come up with a plan to fulfill his most lucrative sale.

The original version was based in New York City. Now, 46 years later, Director X (recognized for directing music videos for Rihanna, Drake, and JAY-Z) is remaking the classic film in Atlanta. Trevor Jackson plays the notorious drug kingpin, who has been in the game since the age of 11.

The film’s trailer is littered with action, beautiful women, luxury cars, and mansions—all the trappings that flaunt one’s wealth. Amidst the lavish lifestyle, there is also a hint of darkness. Jackson’s character is seemingly forced to make deals in Mexico with an infamous drug cartel, and possibly escape its deadly grip.

Some of hip-hop’s biggest stars like Rick Ross, Future, and Big Boi will appear in the reel. Future also has a production credit for the movie. There’s no denying the film looks promising with its intense plot line paired with its picturesque dark views of Atlanta.

Superfly hits theaters nationwide on June 15.