Teen Stabs Male Student With A Pair Of Scissors After Pulling Up Her Dress


Two Memphis students were issued juvenile summons, one for sexual battery and the other for aggravated assault after the male Central High student pulled up a girl’s dress and she retaliated.

The two were in a classroom when he pulled up her dress, according to Fox 13. She took a pair of scissors and attempted to stab the male student multiple times before nailing him. He told officials he was playing and never exposed her. It’s unknown where he was stabbed, but he was treated by the school nurse.

The incident in Tennessee isn’t an isolated one. William Riley Gaul, 19 is currently on trial for first-degree murder and aggravated stalking for killing his girlfriend, something Gaul alleges “was an accident and part of a plan to make her like him again.”

The victim, 16-year-old Emma Walker was shot in a hail of bullets by Gaul as a way to “get back her affection.” According to Teen Vogue, the shooting came days after “a series of strange events” prosecutors say Gaul staged. If convicted of the charges, Gaul could serve a 51-year prison sentence.

Since his lawyers are arguing he wasn’t trying to kill Walker, they’re asking to change his charges to reckless homicide.