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Rise To Fame: A Timeline Of Tekashi 6ix9ine's Controversial Moments

Tekashi69 has emerged as the most controversial rapper this side of 50 Cent.

Shock value seems to be the name of the game in today's rap world, which has seen a rise in nihilistic upstarts who are known as much for their exploits outside of music as they are for the Billboard hits they continuously churn out. One name out of that crop of artists causing a divide within the hip-hop community is breakout star Tekashi69 (or 6ix9ine), who has emerged as the most controversial rapper this side of 50 Cent. The 20-year-old Bushwick, Brooklyn native came out of nowhere in fall 2017 with his single "Gummo," a rowdy track produced by Pi'erre Bourne that made the relative unknown into an overnight sensation.

Peaking at No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 and accumulating hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, "Gummo"s runaway success would be overshadowed by news that Tekashi, born Daniel Hernandez, had previously plead guilty to the use of a child in a sexual performance on October 20, 2015, which stemmed from an encounter with an underage female on February 21, 2015. Under the plea agreement, he was ordered not to post/re-post sexually explicit or violent images featuring women/children to social media, obtain his GED, not commit another crime for two years and write an apology letter to the victim and her family. If he fails to meet the terms of the agreement, the rapper is facing one to three years in prison.

In spite of his plea agreement, 69 has denied having any sexual contact with the minor in various interviews and attributes the case to being in the wrong place at the wrong time and being a victim of the judicial system. While the discovery of his criminal past created a firestorm of backlash around him, the rapper's popularity has only grown stronger thus far in 2018. Singles like "Kooda," "Keke" and "Billy" are all charting on the Billboard Hot 100 and quieting any talk of his success being a fluke. In addition to rolling out hits and defending his innocence, Tekashi has spent the majority of his time embroiled in beef (of both the industry and street variety), putting a target on his back that the rapper and his Blood gang affiliates seemingly invite, as evidenced by their various run-ins and carefree taunts at critics and the opposition.

As 6ix9ine's star continues to rise, we compiled a timeline of the Brooklynite's rap beefs and most controversial moments to date.

1. New Details In 6ix9ine’s Sexual Assault Case Emerge

On December 14, 2017, Jezebel published a report with new details on Tekashi's sexual misconduct case, which involved a minor and has created an air of controversy and backlash around the Brooklyn rapper. The report contradicted 69’s previously made statements, during which he claimed to have not had any sexual contact with the minor in question (he alleges the incident occurred when he was 17 years old). However, the criminal complaint filed against him states that "the child is sitting on the lap of the defendant [Hernandez] and the defendant has his arms around the child," and confirms that the rapper, born Daniel Hernandez, was 18 years old when the incident took place. This is all in addition to other revelations that give listeners, critics and artists alike cause to pause in light of allegations levied against the rising star.

2. 6ix9ine’s Beef With Casanova Escalates

In late-December 2017, Brooklyn rapper Casanova unleashed the visual for his song "Set Trippin," which many speculated was a veiled diss aimed at fellow BK native, 69. In response, 6ix9ine fired back at Casanova during a performance in a New York club, switching the lyrics to his hit single "Gummo," rapping "Shout out Casanova, but we f**ked that n***a b***h," while the "Don't Run" rapper was in attendance. Later that same night, Casanova and 6ix9ine's crew would get into a verbal altercation outside of the venue and although no violence occurred, it was clear that there was no love lost between the two rappers and their entourages.

3. Tekashi Chokes Out A Fan

On January 7, 2018, during a meet-and-greet for fans set up by him and rapper Ugly God, 6ix9ine got into an altercation with a 16-year-old, who accused the Brooklyn rapper of choking him out. However, Ugly God painted the fan, who allegedly put a camera in Tekashi's face and proceeded to taunt and hurl slurs at him, as the antagonist in this particular situation, which tempered the potential outrage that might've stemmed as a result of the incident.

4. 69 Fails His GED Test

On January 30, 2018, Tekashi got a bit of a break in his sexual misconduct case when the judge presiding over the proceedings decided to delay sentencing after the rapper failed to pass his GED test (one of the stipulations of his plea agreement). She gave the rapper "one last chance" to take the test and adjourned his sentencing hearing to April 10, 2018.

5. Minneapolis Show Ends In Gunfire

The second instance of violence surrounding the problematic rapper took place on February 5, 2018 in Minneapolis when gunshots rang out following a live performance at Prive nightclub. While he walked away unscathed, he addressed the incident on social media shortly after. “Yo, Teka$hi, why they so mad at you? ‘Cause you never gonna get touched," he bragged in an Instagram video. "Why n***as want me to get touched so badly? It’ll never happen. I told you n***as. They will never touch me. N***as can’t lay a finger on me, man.”

6. Beef With Trippie Redd Sparks On Instagram

In February 2018, 69 got into a heated exchange on Instagram with rapper Trippie Redd, with whom he previously collaborated on the 2017 song "Poles1469." The back-and-forth began when Trippie, who distanced himself from Tekashi in light of the criminal allegations against him, took a not-so-subliminal shot at the rapper in an Instagram post. "Lol only blood ik that gotta tap in wit krips to be safe," he commented, questioning the Brooklyn rapper's street cred. Predictably, 6ix9ine fired back, accusing Trippie of calling the Crips for protection following an altercation in New York City. The Ohio rapper denied the allegation, insisting that it was actually 69 who sought out protection. However, Tekashi had the last word, chiding Trippie for betraying rapper and friend XXXTentacion by working with Drake on "God's Plan" and having his verse removed from the song prior to its release.

7. 6ix9ine Gets Escorted Out of J. Prince Jr.’s Party

6ix9ine's presence usually results in fanfare, but was unwanted during his visit to J. Prince Jr.'s block party in Houston, Texas, resulting in him being escorted away from the festivities. The rapper, who has spoken out about his refusal to check-in with gangs across the country to ensure his safety and protection, apparently rubbed Prince the wrong way with his statement. J Prince Jr. took to Instagram to shed light on the situation and warn him that disrespect towards him or his city would not be tolerated on any level. Tekashi, who skipped out on a SXSW show due to J. Prince Jr. and his goons being present and a lack of security, would later write-off his comments as clout chasing.

8. 6ix9ine’s All-Star Weekend Shows Get Canceled

During this year's NBA All Star weekend, 69 was scheduled to perform at the Belasco theater in Los Angeles on March 16, 2018, but the venue decided to cancel the shows after receiving threats of violence from local Crip gangs in the area.

9. 6ix9ine Gets Into Brawl At LAX

Tekashi's string of beefs went bicoastal on February 21, 2018 when the rapper and his entourage were involved in a filmed brawl with two men at LAX airport. Although he was not present at the start the fight—which allegedly spurred from comments members of his crew directed at women who where with the men in question—he would pop up in time to get in on the action.

10. Texas Man Arrested For Threatening 6ix9ine

On February 23, 2018, Adam Rodriguez, an alleged member of the Tango Orejon gang, was arrested at San Antonio International Airport by the San Antonio Police Department and charged with making terroristic threats toward Tekashi on social media.Rodriguez took issue with him after the sexual misconduct case, and threatened to do bodily harm to the rapper if he showed up for a scheduled appearance at Bar 32 in San Antonio. However, he was taken into custody the same day 69 was due to arrive in San Antonio, with bond set at $5,000.

11. Tekashi Crowns Himself the King Of New York

Being the biggest rap artist out of New York City has been a coveted bragging right for decades. It is also one that 69 decided to give to himself this past March when he dubbed himself the King of New York in an Instagram video. Basking in the glory of his success and the backlash that has been a byproduct of it, the rapper boasted, "If I wasn't the King of New York, y'all wouldn't pay me no mind. If I wasn't the King of New York, y'all would be like 'Just let that f**king clown talk, that n***a's irrelevant.'" However, his statement created much debate in the Big Apple and elsewhere, with the majority voicing their displeasure with his coronation.

12. 6ix9ine And Jay Critch Have IG Beef

Spreading love is the Brooklyn way, but that apparently wasn't the case in early March 2018 when rapper Jay Critch accused Tekashi of being jealous of his success and talking negatively about him behind his back. "I never hated on @6ix9ine_ never said a word about him,” Critch wrote on Instagram before adding, "but he clearly feels a way about me." The “Gummo” rapper called out Critch for sneak-dissing him on Instagram and offer to meet up with him in their hometown. "Anyway, we both from Brooklyn. It ain't nothing to meet up you down the street," he wrote, but the two have yet to cross paths.

13. The Game Calls Tekashi Out, He Responds

6ix9ine added to his growing list of adversaries on March 16, 2018, when The Game took aim at him during a performance in Europe, calling him "Fake-a** Blood" and goading the crowd into a "F**k 6ix9ine!" chant. In response, 69 hopped on Instagram to share his thoughts, dubbing The Game a "clout chaser" and voicing his amusement in veteran rappers' aggravation towards him. The two would continue to take jabs at another through social media, posting images of each other from younger years and questioning their pedigree as gang-bangers. The Game also voiced outrage at 6ix9ine crowning himself as the King of New York, a claim that ruffled more than a few feathers in the five boroughs and beyond.

14. Tekashi’s Arrogant Breakfast Club Interview

Amid all of the controversy and bad blood surrounding him, 6ix9ine stopped by The Breakfast Club to speak on the various beefs he’s been involved in, particularly with Compton rapper YG and Brooklyn upstart Casanova. During the interview, 69 jokingly refers to YG as "the dude that was hot mad long ago" and accuses him of coming at him negatively, whereas he claims Casanova has been attempting to use his name for publicity and to further his own career. Although Casanova would not issue a response, YG clapped back on Instagram, barking "On Bompton Piru, f**k 6ix9ine, nigga. On Bloods. 400 said it, b***h." Tekashi found amusement in getting under YG's skin, replying, "Ya'll grown a** men. A little f**king kid got you in your feelings, Blood," in a video of his own, taken while the rapper was taking a dip in a swimming pool.

15. Bhad Babie Disses 6ix9ine

6ix9ine found himself a new foe to engage with after attributing viral sensation-turned-rapper Bhad Bhabie's fame to assaulting her mother and that her issues with him stemmed from him refusing to do a song with her. Bhad Bhabie addressed 6ix9ine's statements on Instagram Live, claiming that nobody would know about him if it wasn't for Trippie Redd and going as far as threatening to "pull up" on the Brooklyn firebrand during her lengthy tirade.

16. Tekashi Starts Beef With Adrien Broner

All of 6ix9ine's beefs may have been rap-related prior to April 16, 2018, but that would quickly changed when the controversial spitter found himself in the crosshairs of boxer Adrien Broner. He left a comment under a photo of Broner and radio personality Charlamagne The God, calling him a "clown." Broner got wind of the ballsy rapper's remark and went on a vicious tirade against the "Gummo" rapper in an Instagram video, threatening to "pull up" on 6ix9ine during his visit to New York and warning, "I ain't one of these rap n***as you be trolling with." However, the whole exchange was a ruse for publicity. Broner walked out to Tekashi's hit "Gummo" during his bout against Jessie Vargas on April 21, 2018 and shouted him out during his post-fight interview after 6ix9ine—who had planned to walk Broner to the ring—was removed from the building.

17. A Shooting Happened At Casanova’s Music Video Set

Tekashi's feud with Casanova reignited after the rapper taunted Casanova and his crew in response to footage of them being shot at during a music video shoot in Brooklyn on April 19, 2018. Tekashi wrote, "You keep my name in your mouth. How you getting shot in ya own hood. Can't even shoot a video in Brooklyn." Although Casanova denied 69's claim, an investigation into the shooting has resulted in a member of 6ix9ine's camp being listed as a suspect. This news followed another dust-up between the two rappers and their factions outside of the Barclays Center on April 21, 2018. During the altercation, a gun was fired, a sign that the their bitter rivalry may potentially take a deadly turn.

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Six Things To Know About The Mysterious Death Of Tamla Horsford

Georgia officials have officially closed the case of Tamla Horsford, citing no foul play in her mysterious death.

But the case of a mother of five who died at an adult sleepover has raised a vast amount of questions due to the nature and behavior of those present. The mysterious death of Tamla Horsford caught the eye of the public this month, but the 40-year-old was found dead at a friend’s home in Cumming, Georgia in November 2018.

On Wednesday (Feb. 20), Major Joe Perkins with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office told reporters in a press conference that none of the 40-year-old's injuries were aligned with foul play. “It was a party. They were drinking,” 11 Alive reports. “She was drinking. Most of the partygoers had gone to bed at that time, and she was on the deck alone.”

It was initially reported that Horsford accidentally fell off a balcony on Nov. 4, where she was attending a “Football Moms” sleepover with seven other mothers and three men. Local news site WSB-TV shared an early coroner’s death certificate that listed Horsford’s death as an accident but the fall from the deck caused “multiple blunt force injuries” and “acute ethanol intoxication,” known commonly as alcohol poisoning which might have led to the fall.

But friends and the internet sleuths believe there are other layers to the story as it never reached public attention until it was reported that court employee Jose Barrera was fired for illegally accessing documents related to the case. Barrera is also the boyfriend of the woman who owns the home.

Horsford’s best friend Michelle Graves who wasn’t at the party also believed foul play took part in her friend’s death. “It’s impossible to get the injuries that she had from one fall,” Graves said. After speaking to the WSB-TV about the case, she claimed her personal information was released by Barrera and sent to five of the women who were at the party. Only during an investigation into Graves claims it was revealed that Barrera accessed court documents related to Horsford’s case as well as a stalking incident involving his girlfriend.

On Wednesday (Feb. 20), more details were released about the case in the form of a 911 call made by Barrera the day Horsford’s body was found. While Barrera's 911 call was made at 8:59 am, Horsford’s body was discovered at 7:30 am by the homeowner’s aunt. Hashtags with Horsford’s name and videos shared by popular activists like Chakabars who have helped bring the story to public knowledge.

With so many layers to uncover, here’s what you need to know about the mysterious case of Tamla Horsford.


1. Tamala Horsford Was Found Dead At “Football Moms” Sleepover, But Men Were Present

In a video sent to WSB-TV from the adult sleepover, Horsford is all smiles while singing “Happy Birthday” with friends. What’s also seen in the video are three men, including Jose Barrera who made the 911 call. Many have wondered why men were present if the witnesses claimed it was a sleepover meant for women.

2. Her Wrist Was Cut, But Attendees Believe She Fell Off A Balcony

In the 911 call released Wednesday (Feb, 20), Barrera is heard pointing out a cut on Horsford’s wrist. "She's lying in the yard, basically on the patio downstairs. She's not moving one bit. She's not breathing," he told dispatchers. "I'm noticing a small cut on her right wrist. She's not breathing whatsoever. I don't know if this cut was self-inflicted."

As mentioned above, an original coroner’s report claimed there was blunt force trauma to Horsford’s body from the fall, but close friend Michelle Graves says the family hired another medical examiner who reportedly found multiple abrasions on Horsford’s body. "We're glad we're not the only ones who feel there's something awry with the story and with how she lost her life," Graves told Mike Petchenik of WSB-TV.

3. Boyfriend Of Homeowner Where Horsford Died Was Fired For Accessing Court Files On The Case

In December 2018, Barrera, who worked as a pretrial services officer within the Forsyth County Court system was placed on administrative leave for using his position to “access confidential files on a current investigation surrounding a death in which you were a witness.”

Forsyth County News reported he was later terminated in a letter where Court Administrator Robin S. Rooks wrote he lost confidence in Barrera’s ability to do his job. It wasn’t until February 1 that an incident report was written mentioning Barrera’s actions. In addition to the findings, Graves claimed Barrera stated in the same report that the Georgia native exposed her “work and cell phone numbers, home address, work address and driver’s license, along with information about her height, weight and extended family.” Graves stated the information was given to the other women who were at the adult sleepover.

He denied the accusations but alluded that anyone’s information can be found publically. “For her to believe that her information was leaked by me is grossly incorrect and I will believe that until the day I die,” Barrera told FCN. “Anybody can be found.”

Barrera previously worked as a probation officer in Hall County from March to November 2017 and earlier as an officer of the Department of Community Supervision in Cumming County. He was fired for the latter position but alleged it was an unlawful firing due to an “interoffice disagreement over a relationship with a coworker.”

4. Public Curiosity Believes There Are Racial Undertones To The Case

Friends and relationships exist outside of color lines all the time, just see an episode of Grey’s Anatomy or studies on the population increase of non-white people in America. But Horsford’s case has raised eyebrows because she was the only woman of color at the party. Forsyth County’s history with black people isn’t the most favorable as it was a popular gathering of white supremacists as recent as 1987.

In a segment on the early days of The Oprah Winfrey Show, the former talk show host took a trip to Cumming, where she talked with residents about their disdain for “race mixing” the LGBTQ+ community as well as the difference between “blacks” and “ni****s.”

Weird history aside, the case didn’t get national attention until two months later. History has proven deaths of black women are often overlooked and while this case was heading that way, Black Twitter and black Georgia natives tried to rewrite it.

A GoFundMe was also made for Horsford’s family but hasn’t raised much since it’s creation on November 27, 2018.

5. Homeowner And Other Attendees Of Party Have Received Death Threats On Social Media

Marcy Hardin, Jeanne Marie and Nichole Renee Lawson are reportedly some of the women who were at the sleepover at the time of Horsford’s death. As the story gained traction, the group has been the target of death threats accusations that they played a role in their friend’s death.

Law firm Banks, Stubbs, and McFarland LLP, who is representing the homeowner, issued a statement maintaining their innocence.

“At this time, each of the partygoers and their families have received death threats on various social media postings," it reads. "The threats need to stop. This tragic accident is exactly that, an accident. It is unfortunate, sad, and unbelievably heartbreaking to her family and friends. However, certain very vocal friends and family members of Mrs. Horsford have been describing this accident as a “murder.” Nothing can be farther from the truth."

6. The Case Has Been Officially Ruled An Accidental Death

On Thursday (Feb. 20),  Horsford's case was officially closed, 11Alive reported.

“The State of Georgia has ruled the death accidental and consistent with an accidental fall,” said Major Joe Perkins with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office. “None of the injury patterns noted were consistent with foul play.” After speaking to the attendees' police said Horsford's death happened when she accidentally fell from a deck at the house.

None of the attendees saw the fall because they were reportedly sleeping when it happened. “While the injuries sustained appeared to have been likely received in a fall, detectives awaited toxicology and medical examiner reports to verify the findings,” Perkins said.

Horsford’s body was taken to the GBI medical examiner for an additional autopsy report. Her family has told reporters that they aren't ready to speak the public about the case and are hoping to have family photos of Tamla Horsford removed from social media.

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Solitary Alignment: 5 Self-Affirming Reads For Single Ladies On Valentine’s Day

Ahh, the Feast of Saint Valentine—the Hallmark holiday that strikes us with its arrow each year, for better or for worse, depending on your bae status. While the romantic holiday is adored and celebrated by many, if you’re still reeling over, say, your ex’s refusal to commit, chances are Feb. 14 is more of a heartache for you than anything.

But as a wise woman once said, “If they liked it then they should’ve put a ring on it.” So whether V-Day has you scared of lonely or sulking over a lost love, as another wise woman once said, they “would be SUPER lucky to even set eyes on you this Valentine’s Day. That’s it. That’s the gift.” Shout out to The Slumflower.

Sure, having a bae on Valentine’s Day is cool, but so is reminding yourself why you’re just fine without one (cue Webbie’s “Independent”). In fact, single folks have better relationships overall, according to the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. You know how the old adage goes: love yourself before loving someone else.

For this Valentine’s Day, VIBE Vixen rounds up a nourishing list of books for our sisters doin’ it for themselves. Consider this your reminder of how badass you are—because you are! Oh, oh, oh. *Beyoncé voice*

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Young M.A. onstage during the BET Hip Hop Awards 2018 at Fillmore Miami Beach on October 6, 2018 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images for BET)
(Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images for BET)

Young M.A., Boogie And Summer Walker Make January's #MusicMonday List

Last year was vibrant and diverse with the number of memorable songs and albums that were released, and now, music fans are looking forward to seeing what 2019 has to offer. With this new series, #MusicMonday, the VIBE staff will be sharing our favorite songs released from the previous month. Below, see our standout songs released during January 2019.


Young M.A., “Bake Freestyle”

Outside of R&B singers like Jacquees, it’s no longer the trend for artists to take on a well-known beat and make it their own anymore. But Brooklyn’s Young M.A. bodied the instrumental for Jay-Z’s “Dynasty (Intro)” in 2017, and she’s outdone herself with “Bake Freestyle,” her shot at The Neptunes’ iconic beat for the Clipse hit “Grindin’.”

Young M.A. weaves in, out and around of the table-pounding percussion with an acrobatic flow that differs from others who have tackled the beat in years past. Young M.A. is flexing talk of money, baddies, and guns as always, but the quotables are at one of the highest clips we’ve ever heard from her. “White car brown seats, look like a Henny Colada / Made the Audi matte black, license plate say Wakanda / My b*tch said she mad at me, I just bought her designer / And some 30-inch Brazilian, now she thinks she's Chewbacca.” The video is even better, showing a cocky, smirking Young M.A. walking around a fly crib with text and small animations acting as adlibs. “Was looking for a reason to even keep rapping, and finally I found one,” she says near the beginning of the song before pushing her foot on the pedal. That’s good news for rap fans. — William E. Ketchum III

Summer Walker, "Riot"

What initially started out as an Instagram post of Summer Walker crooning over an electric guitar has turned into the addictive lead track from her latest EP, CLEAR. While the song's name is the definition of anarchy, Walker's careful delivery of each word places her delicate yet piercing approach to singing on full display. The criminally short song not only leaves the listener yearning for more, but also the Atlanta native's need to satisfy her passion. "You said you want love, babe/ You said you can give it to me just how I, I yearn it/ And you think of roses and daisies/ And I think of passion and fire like Hades." It's the 2019 version of Melanie Fiona's fevered "Give It To Me Right" with lyrics that demand a love that's delivered on an orgasmic platter every single time the two bodies meet. — Camille Augustin

Boogie, “Skydive II”

Anthony “Boogie” Dixon—not to be confused with his sing-songy East Coast namesake, A Boogie wit da Hoodie—is easily one of the most promising penmen hip-hop has right now. From The Reach to Thirst 48, Pt. II right on up to his Shady Records debut, Everythings For Sale, the Compton torchbearer has been consistent in pairing potent, on-the-sleeve reflections with soulful melodies that seep deep into the skin. (He already told us that he’s got a soft spot for R&B.)

“Skydive II,” arguably one of the album’s most entrancing songs, is as much of a poster child for this musical marriage as any. For one, he taps 6lack to be a Frank Ocean plug-in of sorts (in the best way possible). The Atlanta singer’s trippy rap-sung intonations, akin to Mr. Breaux’s on Blonde’s “Nikes,” complement Boogie’s rugged tones. Alongside his decent crooning over airy background vocals, Boogie’s gentle pacing and bittersweet poetry about the fallout of a relationship puts him at eye-level with his listeners. “Mother of my skies, why you always gotta intervene?/Father of my Time, don’t you got some more to give to me? Anything?” Ever the thoughtful emcee, he’s unafraid to let the proverbial tears fall where they may. — Stacy-Ann Ellis

Lil Duval and Ty Dolla $ign, "Pull Up"

While his first hit single “Smile (Living My Best Life)” went further than expected by hitting the Billboard Hot 100, Lil Duval’s music career doesn’t appear to show any signs of slowing down. While I’m not a fan of his by any means, I do have to say, his feel-good track is guaranteed to put me in a great mood. The infectious beat and the incredibly well-placed vocals of featured artist Ty Dolla $ign makes the intoxication of the nearly-four-minute song undeniable. It’s too early and (too brick outside) for a summer anthem, but had this dropped months from now, this could have been a front-runner. — J'Na Jefferson

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