The Game Thinks Kanye West Should Worry About Calif. Crips

Music News

By now everyone is aware of Kanye West stance on Donald Trump. With that, the Chicago rapper has upset many fans and fellow MCs. West Coast rapper Daz Dillinger even went so far as to call on his fellow Crips to “fuck Kanye up.’ This stems from Ye’s lyrics on “Ye Vs. The People,” where he rapped: “Like a gang truce/The first Blood to shake a Crip’s hand.”

Recently, TMZ caught up with The Game, and asked the Compton rapper should Mr. West be worried about violence from the Cali. Crips.

“If Daz Dillinger threaten you, you should damn sure feel threatened,” The Game said to TMZ.

When asked what Should Kanye West do about the threats, The Game replied that West should ask Trump for more security.

In related Kanye news, the G.O.O.D. Music boss revealed the artwork for his forthcoming album, which consist of a text message conversation and a picture of the plastic surgeon, Jan Adam, who performed Donda West’s, Kanye’s mother,  final surgery. West’s long-awaited album will be released June 1.

Kanye West also announced the release dates for his collaboration with Kid Cudi (June 8), Teyana Taylor (June 22), Pusha T (May 25), as well as Nas, which Ye is producing.