7 Revelations From T.I.’s Conversation With Kanye West


T.I. visited The Breakfast Club on May 2, to discuss Kanye West and his own personal business endeavors. As you may know, T.I. has been a huge leader in confronting West about his support of Trump and other controversial statements he made online.

During the conversation on the syndicated radio station, T.I. revealed what it was really like to sit down with the controversial artist and pick his brain about politics, music, and more.

Here are the biggest revelations we gained from T.I.’s 4-hour conversation with Kanye.

1. Ye wants to repurpose the MAGA hat, like black people did with the N-word.

Many fans were outraged by Kanye’s approval of Trump’s MAGA hat. While the hat is symbolic of hatred and bigotry, Kanye revealed his intentions to repurpose it as a symbol of love and unity. “Man, my subconscious spoke to my conscious and it just moved me to wear the hat.” Kanye reportedly told T.I. at the time of their meeting. When T.I. questioned if Ye knew what the hat currently stands for, Kanye responded: “not when I wear it. It’s like we did the word n***a. We took the power from the word, and now we use the word as our own.”

He also suggested that repurposing the hat will ultimately unite the people. “Imagine what a white supremacist would do if they saw me wearing it, they’d want me to take it off,” he said. “Maybe you wanting me to take it off and them wanting me to take it off, is enough to bring us together.”

2. “Ye vs. The People” occurred after a 4-hour recording

The duo’s impromptu freestyle reportedly came to life after the two got done talking about politics for four hours straight. The song was reportedly leaked 24 hours later.

3. He primarily agrees with Trump’s rise to presidency

Kanye actually admitted that he isn’t a fan of many of Trump’s policies and talking points. Even so, he admires the president’s journey to the White House. Ye thinks it’s notable that Trump came from a Hollywood-oriented background, yet was able to infiltrate DC’s political sphere. “The thought of coming from nothing and nobody says you can do it and you become the president,” he said.

4. He has no clue about Trump’s policies

Kanye couldn’t possibly approve or disapprove of Trump’s policies, because he has very little clue of what they are. He reportedly admitted that he just started watching CNN. Although he is more in tune with what is happening in current events, he still didn’t know anything about Trump’s travel ban  – the one where he’s trying to regulate who comes and goes from Muslim-based countries.

5. He’s truly committed to personal growth.

While many fans do not agree with everything that Kanye has to say, T.I. asserts that he is open to growing as a human being. Throughout their discussion, T.I. recalls Ye taking significant pauses to truly understand what was being said.

6. T.I. thinks the “Lift Yourself”  song stemmed from Kanye’s gullible fan base.

Remember that “scooby diddy-doo” song Kanye put out late last month? Well, T.I. has reason to believe it was just a trolling technique to prove a point. The rapper referenced Dave Chappelle’s stand-up special on Netflix, in which the comedian states that he can say anything and he knows that people will laugh. T.I. stated that Kanye understands his star power is bright and that is loyal fans will think his music is amazing regardless.

7. Kanye has Yeezy seasons lined up at least through 14

Ye said Yeezy is going to be the Apple brand of the apparel world, and he wasn’t lying. T.I. reported seeing a series of new Yeezy seasons, possibly up to 14. “I got there, it’s a huge complex. He takes me into his show rooms,” he recalled. “You see all the new Yeezys. Probably season 13, 14. Now, I’m thoroughly impressed.”