Truck Driven In Attempted Kidnapping Of Zavion Parker Spotted In Texas


As police continue to investigate the attempted abduction of a Texas teen, more details have slowly come to light about the possible suspects in the case.

According to ABC13, the truck Zavion Parker described in his stories to the police was seen in Brazoria County Saturday (May 19). Parker, 13, told police he was heading home after getting off the school bus last Monday (May 14) when a group of teens forced him into a truck with red flames. The group, lead by an adult white male, told the child they planned to kill him because of his race.

The photo of the car was sent to Zavion’s mother and her son confirmed the vehicle. Reporter Erica Simon posted an image of the car but it was quickly deleted from social media. “(I chose to blur the license plate #. The family has the original),” the tweet read. Simon also shared a photo of the parking area the car was seen in, to which a neighbor confirmed the identity of the group.

Doubts have been raised about his story, but police also found the abandoned shack the teen described. Investigators discovered shell casings, a wooden chair and other weapons. Zavion has spoken to detectives several times this week with the help of a child counselor. Extra patrol has also been implemented around Zavion’s school, Forest Brook Middle School.

Simon, who’s also been vocal about the case on social media, issued a statement regarding legitimacy of her reporting.

Parker was found by Camecia Carmouche, who spotted the child without any shoes and torn clothes. He shared with her how the suspects sent his mom death threats. “We’re going to hang him. You’re going to find him in the morning,” read one of the messages. Lee then called the police and filed a report saying that her son never returned home from school and she was receiving threatening messages.

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