Two Men Dressed As Women Sexually Assault 14-Year-Old Boy In Florida


In August 2017, a 14-year-old boy was sexually assaulted in a Fort Lauderdale alley by two men dressed as women in curly wigs. Now, on Wednesday (May 2) one of the two attackers was finally apprehended, the other suspect still remains at large.

Identified as Javoris Quentin Phillips, the suspect had a warrant out for his arrest in Broward County. According to the Sun-Sentinel, an anonymous tipster presented DNA evidence that led police to Phillips, as he is known to have several aliases. He also has prior convictions for weapons charges and battery on a law enforcement officer.

Previously, the boy said he has seen the two men dressed as women driving around the neighborhood before in the same gray car they fled the scene of the crime in. On August 6, 2017, the two suspects detained the boy behind a house while threatening to kill him if he yelled for help.

“Regardless of the state’s recognition of the suspect as a male, the suspect committed [the] aforementioned acts dressed as a female,” a police report states. “Photographs taken of Javoris often change. Javoris has various different looks including female.”

The tipster called the boy’s uncle while police were still at the scene of the crime and led officials to a Facebook page under the name Aceianna Phillips. It was later linked to Javoris Phillips. The records showed Phillips had a 2013 gray Hyundai registered in his name. After a swab was taken from the boy at the medical center, the DNA later matched a man under the name of Nathan Phillips which is another one of Javoris’ aliases, police say.