Tyrese Pokes Fun At Hollywood Publication Over Taye Diggs Mix Up

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With two tall glasses of chocolate milk that are Taye Diggs and Tyrese Gibson, it’s understandable to get them mixed up, but Deadline Hollywood made a slightly large mistake. The publication tweeted a post about the upcoming “drag queen comedy ‘Stage Mother’” featuring Lucy Liu, Taye Diggs, and Jacki Weaver. However, a picture of Gibson was used instead of Diggs, but Gibson was a good sport about it.

The Fast & Furious actor posted the uh-oh moment on Instagram, saying he has “some real press releases coming soon.” He also took the opportunity to shout out his management team, Jim Osborne and Joanne Horowitz.

Following the mix-up, Deadline deleted the post online. It’s unconfirmed which projects Gibson is currently working on.

In other news, the Gibson family is a few months away from welcoming a baby girl into the world. The couple is expecting their daughter in September 2018, and since their 25,000-square-foot Georgia home is littered with giant Transformer robots, the little one will have plenty of toys to play with.