A New York Judge Orders A 30-Year-Old Man To Move Out Of His Parent’s House


Mark and Christina Rotondo have spent months pleading with their 30-year-old son Michael to move out of their upstate New York home and get a job. Yet after exhausting several options including offering him $1,100 to find his own place, and sending eviction letters, the couple was forced to take Michael to court.

During a hearing Tuesday (May 22) Michael explained to State Supreme Court Justice Donald Greenwood he needs six months to collect himself before moving out of the family home. A request that Greenwood called “outrageous,” leading to a 30-minute dialogue between the two. Yet, the discourse didn’t sway Greenwood’s position and encouraged Mark and Christina to consult their lawyer to draft a proper eviction notice so that they can legally have their son removed from the house.

Michael didn’t take kindly to Greenwood’s decision and later told the media present to meet him outside of the courtroom. There he expressed his plans to file an appeal within the 30-day grace period provided by a legal eviction in hopes to delay the process. Michael also told reporters he has a business to support himself yet declined to go into detail saying “my business is my business.”

Per Syracuse.com, once Micheal’s post-court grandstanding ended, the 30-year-old reportedly returned home, to his parents’ house.

UPDATE: 05/28/19 – 9:50 am EST – Since this report, Michael has found a job opportunity.