Wendy Williams Wants To Know Why Drake’s Father, Dennis Graham, Is Mad


The lyrical spat between Drake and Pusha T is drawing ire from those close to the situation and those who simply report on it. On Wednesday (May 30), Drizzy’s father, Dennis Graham, aimed his retort at Wendy Williams after she discussed his relationship with Drake and hip-hop’s latest headline on her self-titled talk show.

Taking to her Instagram account (May 30), Williams shared that she’s following Drake and Pusha T’s back-and-forth “closely” and wanted to know the reason for Graham’s backlash. “I don’t know why Drake’s dad is mad,” Williams wondered. “All I did was recite Pusha’s lyrics.” The entertainment veteran went on to seemingly take a jab at Graham’s clothing choices, expressing her support of Steve Harvey-esque suits. “He’s a sharp dresser,” Williams added. “And that Beefsteak Charlie mustache that Drake’s dad has is mean. Just mean.”

Initially, Graham said he came around to watching Williams’ daily show. “It grew on me” he added, but then swiftly began to point out Williams’ physical appearance and said he’s lost respect for her.

“It’s very informative when you listen to a talk host report a story that they’ve actually researched and share it with their audience but this Rupaul Drag Race Queen looking bi**h has stepped out of her lane,” he said on Instagram. “You know nothing about Drake or myself, do your research before you try and be funny to your 79 capacity audience.”

All of these consecutive responses arrive days after Pusha T continued to stir the pot with “The Story Of Adidon.” The diss track aimed at Drake called out the latter’s dad with Pusha stating: “Your father walked away at five – hell of a dad thing/ Marriage is somethin’ that Sandi never had, Drake/ How you a winner, but she keep comin’ in last place?/ Monkey-suit Dennis, you parade him/ A Steve Harvey-suit ni**a made him.”