Westside Gunn, B.E.N.N.Y And DJ Green Lantern Channel Chris Benoit For “Lotto”


Shady Records’ new signee Westside Gunn plans to outdo himself with his upcoming album, and we’ve got the booming evidence to prove it. Yesterday (May 8), the Buffalo native dropped his brand new single “Lotto,” which is the first offering from his forthcoming LP, Chris Benoit. The song produced by DJ Green Lantern is a gritty, street banger inspired by a memorable WWE match-up between Benoit and Chris Jericho.

“This video is ART, this video is CULTURE,” WSG told Complex. “This just sets the tone for what’s to come on my new album Chris Benoit. Me, Benny, and Green created a monster inspired by one of the greatest matches of all time.”

Westside Gunn’s fascination with World Wrestling Entertainment is no joke. Back in 2015, the Griselda Records lyricist and frequent collaborator Conway released their joint project Hall & Nash, which is a reference to nWo icons Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Three years later, WSG is channeling his inner wrestling fan once again for his latest album via Shady Records/Griselda Records.

Despite the legacy of the pro-wrestler, Gunn’s album title is getting mixed reactions from fans due to the tragic demise of the Benoit family. In an Instagram post, the 35-year-old MC, who has named projects after Hitler in the past, is no stranger to controversy. He still claims the album is a “masterpiece.”

They wondered could I make an album better/equivalent to “FLYGOD” and I answered simply “CHRIS BENOIT” this album is a MASTERPIECE I invested thousands just on the original art piece by @isaacpelayo which to me now is the new Mona Lisa EVERY beat, rhyme, feature is stellar as a true fan of HIP HOP and my love for ART I can honestly say this will prove that I’m a LEGEND, I’ve never claimed to be the best lyricist but I make some of the best music and is behind/influence the best in the game this waT the CULTURE NEEDED 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 #FLYGOD #CHRISBENOIT #SUPREMEBLIENTELE #theALMIGHTY #GXFR #LEGEND #ART #CLASSIC #MASTERPIECE #HIPHOP #PraiseBoth #originalART #OfficialCover #culture STAY TUNED on news and contest

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Listen to Westside Gunn and B.E.N.N.Y hit the “lotto” with DJ Green Lantern’s and watch the match that inspired it all below.