Westside Gunn Suggests He Inspired Drake’s Interest In Wrestling Culture


Inspiration strikes us at any given moment, but Westside Gunn believes Drake’s latest interest in wrestling culture is too coincidental.

Shortly after releasing his single “Lotto” Monday (May 8), the rapper took to Instagram to address trends in rap and Drake and Migos’ intersection of wrestling in their looks and raps goes without respect to those who’ve done it in the past. Westside Gunn’s connection to wrestling in a deep dive. The Buffalo, NY emcee was previously known for his rhymes as the duo Hall N’ Nash, with his brother Conway. The group was inspired by WCW and WWE wrestlers Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. His upcoming album is also named after the late wrestler Cris Benoit.

“Drake is probably a Kool dude who knows, but my company logo is the scorpion and coincidentally he names his album Scorpion. I was at Coachella wearing the hat and somebody says, ‘Is that Drake’s hat?’ I almost smacked him, now he’s rocking Scott Hall sh*t when I’ve never seen this ni**a anywhere at any wrestling event and I go by Hall,” he said.

“My point… this industry funny as hell, they never pay homage to the ni**as who do this shit for real, they only acknowledge the ni**as they d**k ride my sh*t out the mud and I’m waaay ahead of my time. Just know I FATHERED a lot of sh*t with no credit just to watch ni**as get all of it I just gotta laugh.”

Considering wrestling is just as popular as ever, this all might be a coincidence. He’s also been around folks like Lil Wayne and Rick Ross who’ve shared wrestling metaphors on joint tracks. In the past, the rapper has also been accused of adapting sounds from XXXTentacion, DRAM, Jace of Atlanta’s Two-9 and Sauce Waka.

Drake’s buildup to Scorpion has been an interesting one. He’s dropped visuals for “God’s Plan” and “Nice for What” to viral and critical acclaim. Just last weekend, he previewed a collaborative track featuring Lil Baby.