White New York Lawyer Threatens To Report Women To ICE For Speaking Spanish


Another day in Trump’s America brings more bigots to the light. On Tuesday (May 15), a New York lawyer harassed and threatened two women at a popular restaurant chain in Midtown Manhattan. The reason behind his minute long bigoted rant? He was enraged the two women were speaking Spanish to one another in “his country.”

On Wednesday (May 16), the man was identified as esquire Aaron M. Schlossberg by Twitter users who uploaded the clip. Schlossberg went on an unprompted rant in a Fresh Kitchen because two employees were speaking in Spanish to one another. In the clip, Schloosberg can be heard saying he would call  Immigration and Customs Enforcement on the two women because “they should be speaking Englis”.

“It’s America they should should be speaking English, not Spanish”, Schloosberg continued, “My guess is that they’re not documented. So my next call will be to ICE to have each one of them kicked out of my country.”

This isn’t the first time the lawyer participated in a form of hate speech. Twitter users found pictures of him condemning Jewish people who supported the people of Palestine. In the picture, Schloosberg can be seen giving the finger to someone opposite of him. Twitter user Issac Saul took the photos of the irate Schloosberg and said he could never forget him because of the “crazy look in his eyes.” He also referred to the lawyer as a “die hard Trumper” meaning he is an obvious proponent of the president.

On his law firms Facebook page, many users have taken to the comment section on his past posts to condemn his treatment of the two women.

Schloosberg has yet to comment on the accurate backlash.