Whoopi Goldberg Scolds Roseanne Barr For Retweeting “Horrific” Picture Of Her


After Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet led to her self-titled show’s cancellation by ABC, Whoopi Goldberg took the time out of her day to give the network a flawless victory on Wednesday (May 30). The retort stems from Barr retweeting a doctored image of The View co-host in an attempt to defend the comments that led to the end of her series.

Goldberg has been vocal about her opposition to President Trump and in March 2017, a picture of the acclaimed actress wearing a t-shirt at the Women’s March that reads “And if you thought I was a ‘nasty woman’ before? Buckle up, Buttercup” (a play on Trump’s “Nasty Woman” phrase) began to surface on the Internet. This image, however, was altered to depict a graphic of the president shooting himself over text that reads “Make America Great Again.” Barr in wake of her recent removal from ABC retweeted a post that compared the doctored image with her cancellation.

“Out of curiosity @ABC & @Disney this is okay with you,” the user tweeted at the parent companies of both The View and Roseanne. “Hypocrisy on the left is sickening! (You’re) pathetic! #BoycottABC #IStandWithRoseanne.”

However, journalist Yashar Ali quickly corrected this by posting Barr’s retweet next to the real image of Goldberg at the march.

The next day Whoopi utilized The View’s “Hot Topic” segment to condemn Barr’s attempt to defame her with what she described as a “horrific” picture.

“So this is what I’m going to say, Roseanne — just because you were caught with your pants down, don’t try to drag other people down with you,” Whoopi declared.

This adds to Barr’s current career spiral. After attacking former presidential aide, Valerie Jarett, she has been criticized by everyone from co-star Sara Gilbert, to ex-husband, Tom Arnold, with Whoopi issuing the latest but surely not the last scolding.