Will Smith Makes Appearance In Jazzy Jeff’s Latest Music Video


DJ Jazzy Jeff’s collaborators traverse the world in his latest music video, and his longtime musical partner The Fresh Prince (Will Smith) makes an appearance during the fun.

The Cristopher Schafer-directed video for “Skaters Paradise” features the legendary hip-hopper, Rhymefest and Dayne Jordan traveling to several different exotic locales, such as Bali, Indonesia, Phuket, Thailand and Tokyo, in order to live more adventurous lives away from their hometowns and cities.

“Instead of spendin’ racks on a stripper to dance, you can spend a rack on a trip to Japan,” the featured rappers spit. During a scene in which Rhymefest and Jordan appear to me FaceTiming with Jazzy Jeff, the deejay’s pal, collaborator and co-star Smith raps along to the song with his friend.

The duo have worked together on new music recently. At various festivals across the globe last year, Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince came together to perform their EDM song “Get Lit.”

“Will [Smith] came with me a year ago when I did a New Year’s Eve show in Dubai,” said Jeff on how DJ’ing has evolved. “He’s looking at 17,000 people on the beach with this massive sound system and all these lights. He looks at me and says, ‘We never had this kind of set-up for our tours.’ Now it’s kind of like wow, I’m playing on systems and at festivals that I never got a chance to play when we were selling millions of records. It’s so much bigger.”