Here Are The Lyrics To Will Smith’s Surprise Freestyle


Will Smith reminded the world of his rap background this week when he delivered a very impressive freestyle.

On Wednesday (May 23) the entertainer dropped the freestyle on his popular YouTube page. As many fans know, Smith stared his rap career in his teens. He later formed a group with childhood friend DJ Jazzy Jeff in the late 80s and became the first rap act to win the inaugural Grammy for first Best Rap Performance. With his film career taking off, he continued to make music up until the middle aughts. After a few guests spots on international dance tracks, Smith has recorded the 2018 FIFA World Cup official song with Nicky Jam. More jams are also on the way.

“What happens is you get to a point where you feel empty,” he said before dropping the heavy bars.” So I’m exited. I’m reenergized and creating wildly like I used to.”

Smith says the verse was written to Kanye West’s 2012 monster single “Clique” featuring Jay-Z and Big Sean. But with a new beat and perfect editing, Smith rightfully brags about his career, riches and family.

Check out the lyrics below.

It’s 20 years of swag ya’ll just witnessed/let me remind everybody of who Will Smith is

Rappers make it rain, let their money hit ya/If I throw my money up, s*** I’ll probably kill a stripper 

The illest, realist, ‘Big Willist’/down with the man in charge where Uncle Phil is

Everybody wanna do Will Smith numbers/I don’t know if ya life got that money summers 

I got inspired, quickly, I un-retired/the Fresh Prince just rewired

Dropping that modern fire, but still people dancing and shaking and movin and wyling/ It feel like I’m an alien really, kind of an island

I might fly to China for nothing, finding designer/ pictures in my crib of me, my momma, Obama

A murderer all over the globe, guilty your honor/I’m a Mormon, marrying Halle and Rihanna

I’m an anomaly, do drama or comedy/I can play Mohammad Ali or a white lady probably still

20 years of swagger ya’ll just witnessed/stop the divorce rumors and mind ya damn business

Rebirth of the click-track, ridiculous /what I charge for a feature, man that’s expensive

Cause ya’ll be doing features and I be doing features/ so many tickets to see it, you need bleachers

More information from me than most teachers/More inspiration from me than from most preachers

Wait, wait, wait. Truly, just for the record/Directors make movies, I make directors 

At ya’ll dinner table, ‘What ya’ll learned today’/At my dinner table, ‘What ya’ll earn today’ 

The real life Incredibles, last name Smith/Jaden, Jada, Willow, Trey, Ya’ll ain’t f***in with my clique 

Reactions to the freestyle were beyond funny as fans used Fresh Prince gifs to express their joy and bewilderment. Rap aficionados also reminded many of Smith’s jams outside of “Miami,” and “Summertime.”