Young Dolph Releases ‘Django Unchained-‘Inspired Video For “Slave Owner”


Young Dolph is a self-made man. The rapper’s PRE label has become a lucrative independent company.  Today (May 3), the Memphis MC takes a shot at corporate record labels in his new video for “Slave Owner,” a song from his latest project, Niggas Get Shot Everyday.

Inspired by Django Unchained, the video treatment commences with Dolph pulling up to the house of plantation owner who encourages the rapper,  to no avail, to sign with his record label. The plantation owner then tries to get Dolph to sign with him, offering the rapper a 360 deal.

VIBE spoke with Young Dolph shorty after the February 2017 release of Niggas Get Shot Everyday. During the interview, the 32-year-old rapper discussed the creation, obstacles, and success of his PRE label and following dreams.

“What people don’t understand, the stuff that people have in their heads about their dreams, and how they want to be and their future and sh**, really it’s reality,” Dolph said.”You ain’t got to do nothing but wake up and go hard every day, it can’t do nothing but happen. You might get it way faster than everybody, or it might take you way longer than everybody. Sh** just be different. You just got to do that sh**.”

Niggas Get Shot Everyday is the follow-up to 2017’s Thinkin’ Out Loud.

Watch the Video God-directed video above.