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21 Savage Explains Why He Doesn’t Purchase Jewelry Anymore

Acquiring financial freedom is one goal we all share. The burden of debt is a lingering fear, but 21 Savage is learning ways to prevent those things from heading his way by changing his spending habits.

In a feature with Vogue, the Atlanta-native shares why he decided to stop spending money on diamond encrusted jewelry. “I stopped wearing jewelry for a couple of reasons,” he said as they headed to the Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2019 menswear show earlier this year.

“One is because everybody wears jewelry. I outgrew it; I’m getting a little wiser and growing.”

Part of the that growth includes saving and investing in home ownership as well as cryptocurrency. His manager previously shared these sentiments about the rapper in February. “Cryto and youth start-ups is what we want to make cool for young rappers to do,” he tweeted.

21’s love for fashion brands like Saint Laurent and his booming music career has put him rooms with some of the most influential people in the world. It’s also helped him see just how far his money can take him.

“Another reason is because the richest people that I’ve ever met in my life, they’ve never had on jewelry” the rapper added. “Every time I meet someone who’s very, very rich, like wealthy, I’ve never seen them with jewelry on. And ever since I’ve been saving money and not spending it on jewelry, I’ve been getting way richer.”

The rapper has launched several campaigns dedicated to financial literacy. His “Bank Account” campaign is the first from his Leading By Example foundation that teaches teens differences between credit and debit cards and creating realistic budgets.

In addition to cutting corners and paying it forward, the rapper has been building up his charitable efforts. At the start of the school year, the rapper hosted a school drive in Atlanta.

“It’s important because this is where I came from I never really had influences like this. Nobody really did anything like this,” he told HotNewHipHop. During the event, 21 also spoke about his long terms goals for the children. “I just want kids to stay in school. All that.” he said.

Check out his feature with Vogue up top.

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