50 Cent Accuses Ja Rule Of Reporting His Instagram Page


Fifty cent has a long list of enemies, but not many are as persistent in their petty as fellow Queens native Ja Rule. Their feud is the epitome of the saying “keep that same energy” because that’s what they’ve done for the last two decades.

In today’s episode of “Why Are Fif And Ja Rule Arguing About Now?” the Power star and executive producer took to Instagram to accuse Ja of reporting his posts. Fif posted a younger photo of his longtime nemesis and claimed it’s his fault his page is always getting shut down.

Ja, real name Jeffrey Atkins, upped the ante when he posted documentation of Fif allegedly working as an informant.

“Order of protection,” Rule captioned. “50 Cent AKA Curtis Ratson. Now, go beat on one of your baby mamas. Is this your hero”

There’s no real rhyme or reason why these two woke up Wednesday (June 13) morning to talk trash about one another, but hey.

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