50 Cent Sells “Get The Strap” Catchphrase To Viacom For $1 Million


50 Cent’s trolling has led him to a pretty pot of gold.

The rapper, producer, and businessman took to his Instagram page to inform fans of his latest deal with Viacom’s Bellator subsidiary which includes the sale of his viral catchphrase, “Get the strap” for one million dollars.

“I did a deal today. l sold (get the strap) for a million dollars to Viacom’s Bellator,” he said Tuesday (June 26). “So you will see it on some cooler clothing shortly. See how I make something out of nothing.”

Bellator, known as Bellator MMA is the second-largest mixed martial arts platform in the world. Viacom acquired the company in 2011 and aired their fights on Spike TV. Their fights have also aired on other Viacom networks like MTV2.

Mr. Jackson’s deal arrived just in time. Variety reported Tuesday (Jun 26) that Bellator signed a multi-year deal with streaming service DAZN, to air their fight cards across the Paramount Network. They will also stream in countries outside of the U.S. like Italy, Japan, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

So what does this mean for 50? The rapper’s catchphrase can transcend its meaning if paired with MMA culture. The rapper suggested the phrase could be seen on clothing, which means fighters could sport “get the strap” threads inside and outside of the cages.

Well played, sir.

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