All 7 Songs On Kanye West’s ‘Ye’ Album Climb To Top Of Streaming Charts

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Kanye West’s latest studio album Ye garnered mixed reviews by critics and fans alike when it debuted on June 1, but only three days after it’s release, it seems that everyone is loving Yeezy. According to the latest songs charts on streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify, all seven songs on Ye have found spots in the top 10.

Ye first reported the news on Saturday (June 2), sharing a screenshot of the iTunes songs chart. According to the pic, the top seven songs was Kanye’s entire album. Noah Callahan-Bever, EVP of Brand Strategy & Content, Def Jam Recordings, also confirmed that Kanye was holding the top spots on Spotify.

In an interview with BigBoyTV during his listening party in Wyoming on June 1, Kanye revealed that he “completely redid” his album. “With what the universe was giving me, I wanted something that matched that energy,” he said. The first version of the album reportedly included more lyrics with his political views, but he chose to take them out because he didn’t want them to be turned into headlines. “We know now it’s all headlines and every bar can be used,” he explained. “There were even bars that we had about that. I took them off the album. It was just too sensitive. It was about that topic. I was like, ‘Yo, I’m going to just chill right now.”

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