Beyonce And JAY-Z Announce Charitable Campaign For Free ‘On The Run II’ Tickets


The Carters are planning to head on an international tour this summer and before they unleash their latest stage productions, the iconic pair plan to instill a charitable spirit in future attendees.

According to NME, Beyonce and JAY-Z will be giving away free tickets to their “On The Run II Tour” to those who practice charitable deeds, presumably to those based in Europe. Queen Bey’s BeyGOOD organization partnered with Global Citizen and The Prince’s Trust, i-D reports. In order to be eligible, you can donate to The Prince’s Trust, which prepares the U.K.’s youth for their future and assists with needed resources like shelter, jobs, and counseling.

“The united efforts of BeyGOOD/DoGood, along with our amazing partners, The Prince’s Trust and Global Citizen, are calling upon you to lift your voices, lend your hands and share your creativity as active and positive forces for doing good,” Ivy McGregor, the director of Philanthropy at Beyonce’s company Parkwood Entertainment. “Wherever you are and whatever skills, talents and resources you possess, are of value to others in your community, country and across the globe.”

The tour begins June 6 in Wales and ends October 4 in Seattle, Washington.