African-American Music Executives Offer Advice To Young Hopefuls

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Billboard’s latest cover story tapped three powerful African-American executives in the music industry, and these fierce ladies dropped a handful of gems in regards to dominating the music sphere.

Juliette Jones, the Executive VP of Urban Promotion at Atlantic Records tipped off the conversation, with an anecdote about her greatest challenges in the workplace. She admitted that being a woman in a male-dominated industry proved to be one her biggest obstacles. “That was a bit tough to learn how to earn their respect. As a woman, sometimes if you’re powerful, it can be seen as b***hy, but that’s not the intent,” she said. “I think there’s always just finding the balance of being professional, decisive, and owning your position of power while still being I think, approachable.”

President of Epic Records, Sylvia Rhone also chime in, offering a reality check to industry hopefuls. “All of us have made personal sacrifices to be successful,” she stated. “It’s a tremendous amount of work and focus, and underneath it all, it’s the passion we have for what we do that makes us great.”

Ethiopia Habtemariam, Motown Records president, trailed behind Rhone with some more encouraging words of wisdom. “Focus on the work. Don’t allow the distractions to get in the way,” she added. “Focus on the work and you will earn the respect of your peers and everyone will notice, and you will get more opportunities…”

Check out their full comments in the video below. Head over to Billboard for more details about this cover story.