A BLM Activist’s Truck Was Vandalized With Swastikas And The Words ‘Wite Pride’


On Tuesday morning (June 19) Hubert Roberts woke up with the intentions of carrying out his daily responsibilities. Those plans were quickly thwarted when he walked outside and saw his truck had been vandalized.

The N-Word, multiple Swastikas and the words “Wite Pride” were spray painted in white on Roberts’ black 2011 Chevrolet Silverado. Along with the derogatory words, red shoe laces hung from his rearview mirror, which according to Roberts is a sign of intimidation and initiation by the Klu Klux Klan.

Roberts could only muster one word after initially seeing his truck. “Unbelievable,” he said.

Roberts, who is black, couldn’t think of anyone who may have a vendetta against him, but knew being an activist for Black Lives Matter may have prompted the vandalism.

Shortly after, Roberts took photos of his truck and sent them to his stepdaughter Jiquanda Johnson, who is founder and publisher of the Flint Beat. While speaking with USA Today Johnson said she was overcome with several emotions at once.

The vandalism also took place on Juneteenth, which isn’t a nationally recognized U.S. holiday but is widely celebrated as the day African-American slaves received their freedom.

“Now I get it,” Roberts said. “People get upset about other people’s views and how they feel,” Johnson said in a Facebook Live video “But that gives no one the right to damage someone else’s property or come on anyone’s property.”