BlocBoy JB Adds More Flavor To Carribbean-Inspired Party In “Mamacita” Video


BlocBoy JB continues to have fun with life. Coming off the release of his 18-song effort titled, Simi, today (June 5), the Memphis native unveiled the new music visuals for “Mamacita.”

Shot by Icy House Studios, the “Range Rover 2.0″ rapper shows off his dances moves amongst a group of impressive salsa dancers before everyone heads out to a night club.

BlocBoy’s music career got off the ground by uploading music to his SoundCloud page back in 2012. Since then, he’s released a handful of mixtapes such as Grape Juice, The Purple M&M,  and Who Am I. But it was the Drake-assisted “Look Alive” that brought the rapper worldwide fame.

Bloc also collaborated with A$AP Rocky and 21 Savage on “Bad Company,” and “Range Rover 2.0,” respectively.

Before the release of Simi, Blocboy visited VIBE, where he discussed his the value of black life and fathers.

“N***as don’t want to fight now. They want to shoot, shoot, shoot,” BlocBoy says during an interview with VIBE. “Where I’m from, what’s a little to you is a lot to them. A thousand dollars, a n***a will kill for that. N***as just don’t care. Before you know it, you caught up in that way of thinking also—if that’s all you know.”

“You’re a man before anything. You don’t need a father,” Bloc said when asked about the boys needing fathers. “I know people that don’t have a father who are nice as hell, and very successful. Some people have fathers, and they end up in prison or on drugs or in and out of jail, doing everything they see their father do in the streets. It depends on what type of father you have in your life. Sometimes your own father can be the reason you’re fu**ed up.”

Watch the video above.