8-Year-Old Boy Saves Siblings As Mother Is Killed During Carjacking


After an 8-year-old Missouri boy witnessed his mother be shot and killed by a carjacker, he helped his two younger siblings hide from the assailant.

According to the boy’s great-grandmother Fannie King, his mother 28-year-old Porsha Owens was leading her children to her car Monday morning (June 11) to take them to daycare. It was then the gunman demanded Owens hand over her money and car keys before shooting her. The attacker reportedly couldn’t start the car and then fled.

King said her great-grandson flagged down police and waited by her mother’s side. Owens reportedly suffered from one gunshot and was transported to a nearby hospital before dying from her wounds.

Along with the 8-year-old, the two other children are 3-years-old and 5-year-old and according to King, don’t understand their mother isn’t coming back home.

“I talked to the children,” King told the paper. “The two smaller ones, they don’t comprehend she’s not coming back. The older one, he knows.”

Owens was a school safety officer for a local school district. In a Facebook statement,┬áthe Riverview Gardens School District praised Owens for her work ethic and for building positive relationships with scholars and staff.”