Bump J Returns With ‘I Don’t Feel Rehabilitated’ EP Feat. Pusha T, Yo Gotti & Others


Bump J continues to push forward. Since coming home in 2017 after serving seven years in prison for a bank robbery in Oak Park, Ill., the Chicago hustler has been pretty consistent with releasing music.

Despite his time behind bars, Bump J speaks for millions of ex-convicts when he says: I Don’t Feel Rehabilitated, the title of the Goon’s new EP.

For the nine song effort, Bump J calls on Cardo, Juice, DY, The ANMLS, CAMEone, and Eloh to lay down the project’s instrumentals. On the rhyme side of things, Bump spits his usual unfiltered street-hop–if you know you know.

In related Bump J news, the Goon Squad graduate spoke with Fake Shore Drive about his time prison and the content of his music and working with Kanye West on a 7-song project.

“Kanye is going to do the seven song project with us, and we definitely are working, Bump J said. “My man Boogz is cooking up for us as we speak and the rest of the squad is working.”

Bump J also spoke about working with Belly, who has close ties to Chicago, and maturity.

“Belly’s family, XO is family. We go way back when we just had dreams of doing it. You can def look forward to some music from us, ” J said. “Before my deal we were real close, and even when I got my deal he was there while I recorded a lot of the music. He was even there with me and Kanye for the Rick James session.”

He continued:

“The incarceration didn’t turn me into a different person,” Bump said. “I was gone almost ten years so naturally I’m getting older and maturity comes with age, but I’m still Bump — just more calculated.

Stream I Don’t Feel Rehabilitated below.