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A Dallas Woman Killed Her Husband For Beating Their Cat

After Mary Harrison learned her husband Dexter was beating the family cat, she sought fatal retribution. According to the New York Post Mary shot her husband who later died from his injuries inside a Dallas, Texas hospital.

Witnesses told authorities the cat had recently gone missing and Mary was seen putting up posters but the pet returned shortly after, as is characteristic of cats.

Once news of the shooting was made public, neighbors said Mary didn’t seem capable of killing her husband. However Harrison admitted she intently ended her husband’s life because of how treated the cat. According to neighbors, the couple moved into the neighborhood only three months prior with their two sons.

When interviewed neighbor Carl Phillips said, “A man got shot over a cat? It’s kind of crazy. It’s unbelievable. A man loses his life over a cat. I mean, people love their pets, but it ain’t that serious… to die for a cat.”

Harrison was charged with murder and booked at Lew Sterrett Jail. Her bond is set at $100,000.

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