Actor Darris Love Accuses LAPD Of Racial Profiling After He Was Wrongfully Arrested


Actor Darris Love, best known for his roles on CSI and the former Nickelodeon series The Secret World of Alex Mack, is taking action against the LAPD after he was wrongfully arrested and detained for a crime he didn’t commit.

The incident happened June 6 as Love and his girlfriend Ayesha Dumas were shopping at the Glendale Galleria. As he was walking through the parking lot to get his ticket validated, the police were in search for a burglary suspect.

Assuming Love was the culprit, he was tackled to the ground and police drew guns towards his head. Additional reports claims officers put their knees into the back of his neck and head, twisted his shoulder, and bruised his wrists as he was handcuffed.

It was also reported by ABC7’s KABC that Love was the actual culprit after LAPD Det. Bill Dunn claimed officers watched Love commit a home burglary near the mall.


“We had a little bit of knowledge that something was going to be going on, so we worked with the sheriffs,” said  Det. Dunn said. “We ended up watching them do a burglary, commit a burglary.”

Love tried to tell the police to check surveillance cameras to prove his innocence, but he was detained for five hours before he was released.

Love has enlisted James Bryant of The Cochran Firm to take action against the LAPD. In addition to being racially profiled, he claims he was a victim of police brutality and plans to seek legal action.

“Everyone who wants to be an advocate has to stand up to this,” he said while introducing the #IAmNotASuspect hashtag on Facebook. “To all my black and brown males; we’re no suspects. No more social racial profiling. No more shooting our people in the streets. We’re going to create a fund from this lawsuit and we’re going to pay for the right lawyer representation. I don’t give a f*** about acting anymore. We have to be the people’s champ.”

Love plans to speak to the public about the incident later today.

This is a developing story.