Dennis Graham On Drake’s Alleged Child: “I Have No Idea What You’re Talking About”


Drake’s new beef is not going as well for him as the last. In their recently reignited strain, Pusha T outed Drizzy as a father, and at first, there was a media tug of war about whether the intel is true. However, Drake has responded to everything except for the paternal accusations so the game is coming to a close. The rapper has been tip-toeing around the subject, responding to the photo of him in blackface and a Jim Crow t-shirt–one that’s since been removed by Instagram–but nothing more. And his father wading in this morning (June 1), has only stirred things more for those tuning into the feud.

TMZ broke a story about Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, standing outside of Poppy in WeHo, appearing to be cheery as he grinned at the approaching camera. “Hi,” he said beaming. He was open to the questioning until the paparazzo asked about the possibility of him having a grandchild. “How does it feel to be a grandfather, man? Is it a beautiful experience?” Graham answered, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Before the cameraman could finish his next question, Graham and his friend were headed elsewhere.

This comes only two days after Graham posted a few words to Instagram for talk show host Wendy Williams after a segment where she suggested that Drake is not a “deadbeat” as Pusha T called him. She posited that Drake paid Sophie Brussaux, the adult film star and alleged mother of his child, not to talk about it in exchange for Drake to maintain the image of a thirty-something bachelor for his fans.