Dennis Rodman Says He’s Received Death Threats For Being Friends With Kim Jong Un


As the world saw President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un come together at the anticipated summit in Singapore, former NBA star Dennis Rodman was on the sidelines crying tears of joy.

Rodman didn’t exactly have front row seats to the meeting, but he happily spoke with CNN’s Chris Cuomo about his friends. Rodman made headlines in 2013 for his friendship with Kim and previously appeared on The Apprentice, where he became good friends with Trump. Those friendships however, did come at a price.

While rocking a MAGA hat and a t-shirt from a marijuana-themed cryptocurrency startup PotCoin, Rodman admitted he was unaware of the politics surrounding Kim during their early hangouts. Now that he’s learned more about the leader’s very troubling ways, he’s still hopeful that Kim and Trump can come out of the closed-door meeting as allies.

“We have really put ourselves on the line to reach out to North Korea and they have been so gracious to me, my family and the United States. So let’s make this happen. If Trump can pull this off, more power to him,” Rodman said. “This guy wants to be around the world. He wants to come to America and enjoy his life. He wants his people to enjoy this life.”

As Rodman tried to humanize Kim by bragging about how much the North Korean leader enjoys selfies, he began to weep thinking about his critics. He then brought up how former President Barack Obama ignored his requests for a meeting about his conversations with Kim. Rodman added after those early trips, he and his family were met with death threats, causing him to hideout for reportedly 30 days.

“I couldn’t even go home, ” he said. “I had to hide out for 30 days. But I kept my head up high brother, I knew things were going to change. I was the only one. I had no one to hear me, no one to see me. I took those bullets. Everybody came at me and I am still standing, and today is a great day for everybody. I’m so happy.”

With Rodman being the only figure with a perspective on both leaders, Cuomo attempted to find out more about Kim. Rodman shared how Kim knows “bits and pieces of English,” and said Kim is “more like a big kid even though he is small.”

The interview prompted plenty of responses on social media.

Kim and Trump will discuss policies as the summit continues.

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