Hannibal Buress Talks Kanye’s Album And Favorite Childhood Games With ‘Tag’ Cast

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Thanks to a new film titled Tag, the game has proven to be much more than just child’s play. Starring Hannibal Buress (Sable), Ed Helms (Hoagie), Jeremey Renner (Jerry Pierce), Jake Johnson (Randy), and Jon Hamm (Callahan)—the five best friends are caught in a seemingly never-ending mission to continue their longstanding game.

The film, directed by Jeff Tomsic, is based on a real-life game of tag by 10 men from Washington. Their story made national headlines once The Wall Street Journal published its 2013 article,  “It Takes Caution, Planning to Avoid Being It.”  Fast forward five years later, and the article made it to the hands of Hollywood dealmakers to become an action-packed movie.

During Tag’s press day in Los Angeles, the whole gang told VIBE their favorite hiding spots as kids during a game of tag. “I think a good place to hide would be in your car because you can lock it,” Helms quipped.

Amid the game talk, Buress had some choice words for Kanye West based on his problematic social commentary about slavery. “You can’t be saying slavery is a choice,” he says. “I listened to his new album, but I didn’t listen to it with the same enthusiasm. And even the songs I liked, I didn’t want to repeat them. Like I would on Graduation.”

Watch the full interviews below.