J. Prince: ‘Pusha T And Drake Beef Could Have Ended Like Biggie And Tupac’


According to J. Prince, stepping in and telling Drake not to respond to the scathing Pusha T diss “The Story Of Adidon” was the right thing to do, otherwise, we’d be looking at a very dangerous situation.

According to the legendary Rap-A-Lot Records CEO during his appearance on Desus & Mero, J. Prince said that the beef between the two musicians was going too far.

“It’s headed [in] a direction where we can end up seeing results [like] Biggie and Tupac,” he explained to the hosts. “People get caught up in the¬†entertainment¬†side, but when the disrespect is blatant..it gets to another level.”

The musicians released diss tracks aimed at each other, which elicited different responses. However, “The Story Of Adidon” was aimed at Drake and his family, friends, possible child and his racial identity. The cover art also featured a picture of the musician in blackface, which Drake tried to explain via Instagram days later.

“This thing was headed above and beyond music,” continued J. Prince. “And the disrespect was towards his mother, his father, his friend [Noah “40” Shebib]…he can’t allow this moment to interfere with our movement.”

Prince detailed to several outlets that although Drake had a rebuttal ready for the DAYTONA MC, he urged him to leave well enough alone and take the L.