Kanye West’s Wyoming Listening Party Triggers Rapper Ban

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For the thousands of fans who tuned into the livestream of Kanye West’s listening party for his new album Ye, it looked pretty hectic out there in the middle of the mountains in Wyoming. And apparently, that word “hectic” would be an accurate assumption. Following the star-studded event, operators of the Diamond Cross Ranch, where Kanye held his party, have announced a ban from rappers throwing anymore events on the premises.

According to a new report on The Blast, Jane Golliher, who operates the ranch in Morean, Wyoming says there will be “no more rappers” after what turned out to be a confusing and unorganized night for staff.

Golliher says Ye’s listening party turned out to be the “most confusing” event that the ranch has ever handled. Changes to the event were reportedly made every 30 minutes, including where the party was supposed to take place. It was reportedly supposed to be held inside, but was moved outside around the campfire at the last minute.

Additionally, Golliher claims that she and her team received far too many noise complaints from neighbors. Teton County, where the ranch is located, reportedly has a strict noise curfew starting a 10 p.m. West’s party not only went past the decibels policy, but well beyond the time limit. The party was reportedly supposed to end at 10p.m., but didn’t start until 9:30p.m. and grew increasingly difficult to manage by the time midnight struck.

While Golliher admits there will be no rapper events on the premises, she says the ranch is open to hosting a day concert with G.O.O.D. Music. Additionally, Golliher has no complaints about Kanye’s staff. She says they were pleasant to work with as well as his guests.

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