Kim Kardashian Wants Trump “To Win” Despite Controversial Family Separation Policy


In an interview published by The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday (June 20), Kim Kardashian expressed her confusion with the latest political turmoil. Regardless of how divisive political issues can get, the reality star affirmed that her desire to “see all sides” has only increased since her White House visit.

As of late, Kardashian has taken it upon herself to advocate for prison reform on her Twitter account. Still, she dabbles in one political affair at a time.

“It’s a longer-term mission for me. I never started out thinking I was being political. I just thought I was helping people and I knew that I had the opportunity or the resources, so I used them and, you know, it worked out really well for Alice,” she said. “I definitely saw a lot of compassion from the White House with her and I really do believe it’s just the beginning.”

When asked about her views surrounding Keep Families Together and border patrol, she responded by saying it was a heartbreaking, complex issue that she hopes will get resolved.

“There’s obviously a lot that we don’t agree with,” Kardashian stated, referring to Donald Trump and his administration, “but I want him to win. I want him to succeed because it’s our country. It’s so crazy that everyone doesn’t want that.”