Kurupt’s Ex-Wife Claims Abandonment, Requests Money Owed


Jovan Brown, who went by the stage name Gail Gotti, and her husband of almost two decades, rapper Kurupt, divorced last year. But apparently, there’s more to it than that, The Blast reports.

Brown claims that she was diagnosed with blood cancer last year, and when she needed him most, Kurupt abandoned her both financially and emotionally. Brown is requesting spousal support for medical and living expenses, according to documents obtained by The Blast.

“Our separation definitely hurt, as I could not understand how after 17 years he abruptly left me in my time of need when I needed his support and love the most,” she wrote. “Before [Kurupt] left out relationship, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Although I earned a salary prior to separation and [he] knew I needed the money, when I asked [him] to assist me with my treatment, he responded ‘go get a regular job’ and I should ‘get a boyfriend to help me pay for my treatments.’”

Brown is looking for $14,000 monthly in spousal support, $40,000 in attorney’s fees, and half ownership of the companies she owns. For their line of marijuana, “Moonrock,” Brown claims that she handled business matters for the most part so she deserves some stake.