Maliibu Miitch Spreads Girl Power In “Give Her Some Money” Video


In hip-hop, a genre plagued by sexism and misogyny, even the smallest nuisances of women’s empowerment matter. That’s why Bronx native Maliibu Miitch looks to uplift women in any way she can in her climb to the top.

The visual for her latest single “Give Her Some Money” highlights this goal to the fullest extent. Directed by Nimi Hendrix, the video showcases the everyday struggle women go through as dancers, waitresses, and artists in their grind.

At the end of the video, Mitch can be seen handing her waiter a wad of cash before the screen turns black and the words, “There’s no force stronger than a bond between women” appear before the viewer.

Acting as an intro to her upcoming EP due later this summer, Maliibu’s gritty yet feminine aesthetic is revealed throughout the video as they balance each other out in a natural fashion.

For the premiere with Paper Mag, the rapper shares the personalities behind her creative moniker.

“Maliibu is more a bubbly side. When people think of Maliibu, they think of sunny, out in California,” she said. “I’m very much like that. My personality is naturally outgoing. I’m loud, I laugh a lot. At times, my gritty side comes out. Back in the day, I used to fight and get into a lot of trouble.”

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“It’s just literally the good and the bad of me,” she added. “I love to play with it in a song. Maliibu sometimes you’ll hear during the hook. One of my songs is called “Gwapamole.” It’s me being real soft and bubbly, my natural speaking voice. The harder, deeper voice will be Miitch. I only like to use Miitch during the verses. She gets my point across more than Maliibu does.”

Though still up and coming, the rapper draws inspiration from the business regimen of moguls like 50 Cent and Lil Wayne. Who says women can’t accomplish what men can?

In anticipation for her new EP, be sure to check out her interview with Ebro Darden where she talks her come up, new music, and future direction.

Watch the video below.