‘My House’ Clip Highlights Trauma, Discrimination In LGBTQ Community

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In an exclusive clip from VICELAND’s reality series, My House, co-star Precious Ebony discusses being involved in a gun shootout after working an event with Big Freedia in Boston.

It’s no secret the LGBTQ community has endured a slew of violence from those who are intolerant. Precious recounts hearing a slew of shots fired in her direction and feeling like her life was flashing right before her eyes. Ultimately, the unfortunate event left her feeling with a sense of desperation and trauma.  “I don’t think anyone ever realizes or understands what Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is like. It kicks my a** sometimes,” she explains in the clip.

“I could be in my car and I just have to pull over, and just cry because I feel like the car behind me’s been following me for too many blocks,” Precious said. “This might be the end of me or, let’s just say casual hookups with people; ‘Oh, um, I’m gonna go sleep with this guy, because you know, he’s cute, and we’ve been talking for a while…he’s gonna give me HIV and I’m gonna die.’ That’s just always on my mind if that’s how I can answer it. And just say it, death is always on my mind.”

My House airs every Wednesday at 10:30 p.m. on VICELAND

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