Nick Cannon Returns To Music With ‘Calling All Models: The Prequel’


Actor, comedian, and occasional musician Nick Cannon, best known for his show Wild N’ Out, has thrown very few songs into the atmosphere over the last two decades, save for a project here and there. Cannon’s most lucrative pursuits are in acting and producing, but every so often, he’ll return to music to knock out a hit or two and the style is always different. His latest album, Calling All Models: The Prequel, released on Friday (June 1) is comprised of a mixed-genre tracklist where Cannon croons and chuckles the ’90s R&B laugh.

Cannon’s album tracklist most closely resembles soul, funk and R&B. The album is sonically distorted all throughout and he samples or borrows snippets from quintessential singers like Bryson Tiller, Brandy and Usher. At some point, Cannon even samples Kanye West and Jay-Z’s “Last Call” from The College Dropout. The album is collage-like, with Cannon reinvigorating the number recital, characteristic of early 2000s hip-hop in songs like “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” by Soulja Boy and “Back Then” by Mike Jones. The theme is similar to Erykah Badu’s call-themed But You Caint Use My Phone mixtape from 2015; you can find the word “call” in every title.

The former America’s Got Talent host recently resigned from the show after NBC threatened to terminate him for ridiculing the show on his Stand Up, Don’t Shoot Showtime comedy special. Maybe there’s more music in his future. Stream the project below.