Nick Young Backtracks Comments About Legalizing Cocaine


NBA player Nick Young found himself in a sticky situation after stating that he thinks cocaine should be legalized.

According to TMZ, Young was captured by their cameras and was prompted about recreational drug legalization. While the Warriors shooting guard seemed thrilled about marijuana legalization, he stated that he’s looking for something else to get the green light.

“I want people to pass cocaine,” he told the gossip site’s cameras outside of 1 OAK in Los Angeles. “Everybody needs to do cocaine!”

Of course, Young comments were met with raised eyebrows and concern, which resulted in the 33-year-old stating via social media that he was just making jokes.

“Clearly dnt take [nothing] I said serious…I was just being funny…y’all know me,” he wrote.

Young was also asked about what he think LeBron James should do now that he is rumored to be leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers. He said that in order to get a ring, Young’s idea is not to leave the city, but to bring NBA superstars to Cleveland. However, many of the people who he has in mind are no longer playing the game.

“I think he should stay in Cleveland so he can get all the people to Cleveland,” he said. “Bring Shaq, Robert Horry, Dennis Rodman, bring all the old people too. Everybody needs a ring.”

Whatever you say, Swaggy P. Whatever you say…