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Page Kennedy Delivers Somber Melody For XXXTentacion, Hip-Hop With "Miss You"

The sudden death of XXXTentacion has shook the core of many rappers, new school and veterans alike. In context of hip-hop’s current chaotic landscape, Detroit’s own Page Kennedy delivers a somber message to both generations with the visuals for “Miss You,” a song from from his forthcoming sophomore album Same Page, Different Story.

The video kicks off with one of Page’s friends being killed in a shooting on the block, which seems as if it serves as a dual representation of XXX and hip-hop. From there, he goes into a visceral story of a childhood friend he grew up with and how he changed into something he no longer recognized and eventually was killed. There’s even chilling flashes of how the culture and genre has changed, using clips by Common, Public Enemy, X-Clan, Eazy-E, and the rapper most purists love to hate, Lil Pump.

“I wrote this song because of the increasing influence of hip-hop by those who I feel only get into music for clout.” Page explains. “I grew up on this artform and artists like Slick Rick, Kool Moe Dee, LL Cool J, Run-DMC & Ice Cube, it made me fall in love with hip-hop because of their vivid storytelling and wordplay. So when I see that the art is completely changing and moving towards drug advocates, or only about how much money someone has and word play is now an antiquated way of expression; it drives me nuts. Common, had a song when I was younger called "I Use To Love Her." When I first heard it, I was blown away. With the recent passing of my friend XXXtentacion, I realize I have even more of a duty to show the youth a different and better way. Having concept songs and stories that are showcased in the mainstream is a step in the right direction.”

Same Page Different Story coincides with the new film Page will be featured in alongside Jason Statham, The Meg. Both be available from streaming and purchase on August 10. Peep the visual below.

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Busta Rhymes & Trippie Redd Connect, Conway The Machine Transforms #fktg, Alyx Ander & Mya Link and staHHr Loves Black Men

Nostalgia is in heavy effect as young gun, Trippie Redd calls on veteran Viking, Busta Rhymes for the smooth tune, "I Got You." With the two rap rebels round-housing the track, you'll notice a familiar refrain in the hook that Redd sings, it comes from Busta Rhymes' 2002 mega-hit "I Know What You Want," featuring the diva Mariah Carey.  “I like making timeless music,” says Trippie. “You’ve got to think of a timeless concept—love, hate, anger, sadness—all that shit is timeless. And if you can make something without it just meaning one thing, people can feel it and turn it into their own. That’s what makes it timeless.” The video starts off with Busta asking Trippie for a favor, which turns into some cool scenes of the two in high school hallways belting bars about love. Great seeing the generations of hip-hop bridging the gap like this.

Speaking of Busta, he released some new music of his own recently. The Dragon has returned with an offering from his upcoming, long-awaited Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God album titled "The Don & The Boss," featuring  Jamaica's dancehall favorite Vybz Kartel.  Check the fire...

Those Griselda guys are a different breed. They just spit nothing but gritty bars that bang your street heart to bits. The latest to continue the crew's release onslaught is Conway the Machine with From King To a God. Of the three Griselda members (Benny The Butcher and Westside Gunn), Conway is the lyrical miracle one. He breaks down the emotions of a gangster, yet still keeps his manhood in check. Seeing him go from hot feature artist to valid verses on a theme against music that matches, is an honor as most street rappers rarely care what the sound bed is to their hard-knock life tales. Conway is different. He wants you to feel every bar on a spiritual level and now he gets the music to match in a myriad of ways due to his experimentation on this project. There are some uptempo tracks that showcase what an artist with Bell's Pasley can deliver, as well as some lighter tunes that we can bop too that the Conway of five years ago probably wouldn't have recorded. Matching wits with Wu-Tang's Method Man, a Def Loaf sighting and even linking with the producer of the year in Cali's Hit-Boy can all be found on Conway's best work to date.

Going to the other side of the spectrum, we have the release of well known Electric/House producer Alyx Ander, coming through with a single that's been in the works for almost two years! How do I know you ask? Well, I was involved in linking Alyx and 90's R&B star Mya, who is featured on the dance floor shaking track, "Without You." Alyx made sure the collaboration happen by staying in touch with Mya's camp and taking a trip to L.A. from his home base in Miami on a whim. That chance journey turned into an eight-hour studio run where over 25 different versions of the song were eventually made. We will be hearing various versions for some time to come...and they are all fire. Shout to Alyx for following through on the networking connection.

stahhr is an artist that's been working the music industry for some time now, and her time to shine is starting to breakthrough. I was sent this by IG dm and took in all the love she has for black men in the cuts, snares, lyrics, and visuals. Had to add her to this roll call. Check for more of her artistry on her YouTube channel.

The young king G Herbo continues to make his city of Chicago proud as he is stretching his reach musically and getting his generation. He's doing this by performing in new spaces like for the Grammys, alongside fellow Chi' native Chance The Rapper. Seeing these two brothers together is a wonderful more artists from hip-hop should link even if their sides of the coin are different. Get into this heart-stirring performance of Herbo's "PTSD" with a live band and Chance's assistance.

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Leo Orange - TheShow Brand Agency

Massy "MankoFit" Arias Gets Real About Holistic Health, Natural Birthing & Politics

Massy "MankoFit" Arias wasn't always the fitness god and health coach 2.3 million of her followers know today. Some years back, she found herself deteriorating from an abusive relationship that could have easily taken her life. That is, until she pulled herself up by the bootstraps and said "no more," using fitness as the antidote to her chronic depression.

Today, Massy is happily married to an equally stellar athleticism guru and all around genuine human being, Stefan Williams. Earlier this year, to the glee of many of her faithful fans, the two gave birth to their first child, a swoon-worthy bundle of joy by the name of Indira Sarai.

Following Massy's new brand ambassador position with corporate giant Target, the newly-minted mommy stopped by the VIBE headquarters to talk all things wellness. We also dip into the not-so-easily digestible topics of politics and the business of mainstream medicine, to the infrequently talked about matters of natural birthing and doula tradition. And let's just say Massy gets all the way real.

Watch it all down below:

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Jessica Xie / VIBE Viva

Juliet "Juju" C. Talks Blackness, Body Politics And Relationship Goals (Video)

Juliet "Juju" C. on Wednesday (May 10) made an appearance at VIBE's headquarters for a live Q&A. The Brooklyn-born, Miami-raised Cubana delved into a series of topics, covering everything from body-shaming to blackness outside the U.S. construct to relationship matters.

On the heels of her newly released book – a collection of short stories and "unembellished truths" about women's lives and their relationships, Juju opens up about the contents of Secrets of a Jewel, much of which keeps women who look like her at the center.

Tune in and take notes:

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