911 Was Called On A 12 Year Old Boy Cutting Grass As Part Of His Lawn Mowing Business


Meet Reginald Fields.

This 12-year-old started a lawn mowing business in his Maple Heights, Ohio neighborhood that he’s appropriately named Mr Reggie’s Lawn Cutting Service. With the help of his cousins and siblings, Reggie  cuts the lawn of homeowners in the area and cleans up yards.

Business was going well as he was cutting his client, Lucille Holt’s yard. Then Holt’s neighbor called 911 to complain about Reggie cutting a patch of grass on their lawn. Holt’s yard and the unidentified neighbor share about a foot of grass where their properties intersect.

Holt along with Reggie were equally confused when they saw Maple Heights police.

“They said I was cutting their grass. I didn’t know it!” Reggie said.

The police didn’t bother Reggie, and he and his friends continued cutting the lawn, even though he was a little discouraged. Holt however created a Facebook post about the incident, which garnered thousands of views and shares. The decision helped earn Reggie more clients.

“People are in-boxing me like, ‘how can I get in touch with this children? Where are they at? I got property I want these kids to cut,’ ” Holt said.

Reggie said he’s trying to save money to buy better equipment and grow his business.

“Just give me a call. I will be there. On time!” Reggie said.