Shanara Mobley No Longer Competing With Her Daughter’s Kidnapper


The old adage about a mother’s undying love holds true. In the case of Kamiyah Mobley, who was kidnapped at birth, the definition of “mother” is complicated by its own nature-nurture question. Kamiyah’s biological mother, Shanara Mobley, is at the end of her rope in the tug-of-war for her daughter’s love. Mobley continues to attempt winning Kamiyah over but she yields to the kidnapper, Gloria Williams, instead, she reports.

In more than a year since Kamiyah was rediscovered after 18 years of worry for her parents, the 19-year-old has remained connected to Williams – to her biological mother’s dismay. Williams was recently sentenced to 18 years in prison, according to the Daily Mail, sending Kamiyah back to her family of origin.

Mobley has reportedly given Kamiyah an ultimatum, declaring that “[she] shouldn’t have to compete with a kidnapper.” She’s requesting that Kamiyah pick one of the two. “I feel like I’m being robbed all over again every time she reaches out to my daughter,” Mobley said.

Kamiyah continues to call Williams, who is currently in prison, and she reportedly has the number to the Duval County Jail saved under “Mommy,” according to the Daily Mail. And while Kamiyah was returned to her biological family, she continues to live in Williams’ South Carolina home and go by the same name, Alexis Manigo. While Williams was sentenced to 18 years, Mobley holds that the most appropriate punishment would have been a death penalty.

Kamiyah has admitted openly that she’s not looking to drop ties with Williams anytime soon. Mobley said rhetorically, “When a man rapes a woman he’s never allowed to contact her again, so why can this kidnapper continue to reach out to her victim?” But despite any pain it causes Mobley, prosecutors say that there is nothing illegal about Kamiyah’s contact with Williams so nothing can be done. “The first time ’round Gloria stole my baby by herself. This time ’round now you’ve got the legal system helping her to steal her all over again,” she said.

Mobley told the Daily Mail that she hadn’t seen her daughter since Mother’s Day when the two argued until Mobley drove off. “She would defend the kidnapper to me… I think she blames me that this woman is sitting in jail,” she said. “She’s blocked now because I don’t want to argue with her.”

Shanara Mobley says that she will always welcome Kamiyah with open arms but her hatred for Williams will continue and strengthen every time her daughter calls her kidnapper “mom.”