Viacom Defeats The Game In $20 Million Lawsuit Case


The Game has battled a bevy of lawsuits in recent years, but this current one has played out in the public’s eye for quite some time. According to The Blast and confirmed by representatives for Viacom, the California native lost his $20 million lawsuit against the conglomerate, following a lengthy legal clash that stems back to mid-2017. The court dismissed The Game’s lawsuit “with prejudice” a statement issued to VIBE states.

Born Jayceon Taylor, the 38-year-old was accused of sexual assault by a cast member on his dating reality show, She’s Got Game (2015). Initially, the “100” rapper faced a $7.1 million lawsuit from a cast-mate named Priscilla Rainey. The filing led The Game to tack Viacom with a $20 million bill, claiming that the company needs to be held liable for the situation. In addition to the retort, The Game allegedly said Viacom had prior knowledge of Rainey’s criminal history and her bouts with mental illness.

Per Variety, famed attorney Lisa Bloom shared her expertise on the situation and mentioned that Taylor’s action to file a countersuit was based out of “arrogance.”

“Whatever Viacom knew about the woman’s emotional state has zero relevance to whether he committed sexual assault – and an Illinois court found that he did. She was the victim,” Bloom said. “He was the perpetrator. The Game obviously does not get it. Time for him to grow up and learn to take personal responsibility for his own behavior.”

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