Tommy Davidson Still Hopes To Make Sammy Davis Jr. Biopic After 18 Years

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Tommy Davidson is no stranger to mastering impersonations of the world’s most recognizable figures. From former President Barack Obama to actor Sylvester Stallone, Davidson has given these individuals an otherworldly personality. However, one person that’s remained a mainstay in Davidson’s roster of imitations is Sammy Davis Jr., the legendary musician who Davidson, 54, wants to play in a potential biopic.

During an interview on Steve Harvey’s self-titled talk show (June 25), the Mississippi native shared his quest to bring “The Candy Man” artist’s story to cinematic life has spanned nearly 20 years in the making. “I’ve been working on trying to do that as a movie for 18, 19 years,” Davidson said. “I had met Gregory Hines for lunch, never met him before. He said, ‘You’re going to have to do the Sammy Davis Jr. movie, but you’re going to have to start working now,'” given Davis’ talents from being an accomplished drummer to Broadway star. To leave the audience with a sense of hope, Davidson said, “If it’s in the cards for me, I will be doing me some Sammy as a movie.”

While he was a cast member on sketch comedy show In Living Color, Davidson’s most memorable appearances included his impersonation of Davis. The latter’s wife also penned Davidson a letter, stating that she “just loved” his interpretations. In 2017, Davis’ estate also signed off on a biopic’s production, but Davidson’s alignment is still unknown.